Oh Joi

Photographer | Sugar Bandit #19

A Revamp of my Lost Girl Series
©Joi Ong

Model: Nikki Simard

Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire: Lexie Bloom

Location: Houma, Louisiana

A long way from home. A long way from present.

My Halloween in Houma was partially spent eating chicken and bread buns at a Rouses parking lot. It was an awesome reward for spending Halloween eve helping Michael make his cardboard graflex camera.

Most definitely one of the strangely memorable events yet.

Houma Happenings.

If I wasn’t photographing and collaborating with very sweet and talented people in Louisiana (watch for future posts), I spent my free time rolling around on the carpet and taking photos of the rooms. I still look back at these photos and wish for a teleportation door to take me back and forth between my home and that other place that felt like home. Heck, it’s only been a week since I left?